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‘London under London: A Subterranean Guide’

by Richard Trench and Ellis Hillman. Published by John Murray Ltd. New edition 1994

A wonderfully fascinating- and- highly informative account and details of subterranean London. From the history of digging beneath the streets, tunnels under the Thames, the history of the Underground, the ‘lost’rivers that have ‘gone’ under, the Blitz and the digging of the Channel Tunnel, it is riveting reading all the way. very witty and amusing as well.

Likely to be of interest to a wide range of readers, not just those with an interest in archaeology/history. A must-read for anyone who’s interested in London.

On a related note – Underground History –> a fascinating website all about disused stations on the London Underground.

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Green Tea and Other Tales by Sheridan LeFanu

Irish writer born in 1814 well known for his ghost stories and supernaturalist fiction. M.R. James was a great fan of his work. He published his vampire story Carmilla in 1872 – predating Bram Stoker's Dracula – ( it is theorized that Stoker was possibly influenced by Carmilla).

the wikipedia article on him points out:

"His best-known works, still read today, are the macabre mystery novel Uncle Silas (1864), 'The Rose and the Key' (1871), and the collection In a Glass Darkly (1872), which contains Carmilla as well as 'Green Tea' and 'The Familiar', two famous stories of enigmatic hauntings apparently provoked by obscure guilt "

A lot of his work is available online – the Green Tea e-text is available here.


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