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Ring – Koji Suzuki 


Published in 1991 – the book behind the cult movie/s. Has been since translated into English and published by HarperCollins.

The guardian review referred to this as 'postmodern japanese terror' – well however you choose to phrase it – it was certainly that. Postmodern – perhaps because there are no gory scenes – certainly nothing to compare with the usual fare of the 'horror' genre (and suzuki has been referred to as the japanese 'Stephen King'..) – instead this i would say is coldly terrifying. Much more spine-chilling than the conventional gore-filled horror. There is something about the tightly written script that inspires dread and that prickling feeling .. Delicately ambiguous, fast-paced and tense, it grips you all the way to the shattering conclusion. The Ring is the first book in a trilogy that has been hugely succesful – Spiral and Loop are the others.

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Agitated Images: John Heartfield and German Photomontage 1920 – 1938 is currently exhibiting at the Getty Center. An illustration of the power of images and imagery. Heartfield worked in Germany and Czechoslovakia between the World Wars, using his medium to represent the chaos – social and political instability of the time.

The exhibition is running till June 25th.


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Ordinary Liberty

The Cold War Studies Centre and the Institute for the Study of Americas at LSE presents a public lecture by Orlando Patterson who is Professor of Sociology at Harvard, this evening at 6:00 p.m. The lecture focuses on the relevance of what people actually mean by ‘freedom‘ and how these underlying ideas impact on race issues, immigration and multiculturalism in the USA.

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