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Love/Death: The Tristan Project


Now showing for free – at two venues: Haunch of Venison Yard and St. Olaf’s College – Tooley St. ( or what used to be the College) [ Adjacent to Tower Bridge Rd, London, SE1 2JR – nearest tube is London Bridge]

The Love/Death: Tristan Project is a twelve piece collaborative project featuring the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. The exhibits range from large scale video projections with sound to small, silent flat screen panels.

Considered a pioneer in video art, Viola is represented by the James Cohan Gallery in New York, as well as Haunch of Venison in London.

His video installations at the SF MoMA ( San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) can be still found as online exhibition features here.

“Viola’s work looks at birth and death, time and human experience. He is said to draw elements of religion into his work and has studied mysticism, Sufism, Kabbalah and Zen Buddhism.”

Much of the work in this latest show comes from material produced for a recent production of the Wagner opera Tristan and Isolde.

The Haunch of Venison Group are an international art group representing contemporary art, based in Zurich.

The exhibition is running till the 2nd of September

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Zadie Smith discusses her latest book ‘On Beauty’ at Wanstead Library this Saturday – 29th July.

book cover zadie smith

This is her third novel and was published in 2005, and won the 2006 Orange Prize for Fiction. It’s been referred to in a lot of reviews as a ‘homage to EM Forster’.

Starts at 7.00 p.m. and tickets are £3.


Wanstead Library is in the London Borough of Redbridge

Spratt Hall Road
E11 2RQ

Tel: 020 8708 7400

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via Daniels Counter – ( Not in the news! Tel Aviv: Anti War protest)

peace demio

This was interesting – Daniel highlights the anti-war protests in Israel on Sunday 16th July – which the mainstream media hardly covered. Also on the 21st of July in Haifa.

“This featured in the Israeli papers Haaretz and Yediot Ahronot, but not on the BBC, Sky or even CNN.

Presumably the existence of a Zionist Peace and Anti War Movement movement in Israel is bad news as it does not fit not the image of ugly Zionism many have, or others who wish Israel to fight Islam for them (U.S.)?

Organizations mentioned :

Gush Shalom Israeli Peace Bloc
New Profile. Movement for the Civilization of Israel
Hadash (Wikipedia on Hadash)
Ta’ayush Israeli / Palestinian Partnership Group
Yesh Gvul (Organization for soldiers refusing to serve in Occupied territories)
The Women’s Coalition for Peace (Palestinian and Israeli)Mossawa, The Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel.

On 21st of July BBC worldservice for the first time reported on an Israeli Peace demonstration in Haifa the same day

View photos and write up on the Gush Shalom site here

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one year on from last year’s awful attacks on the seventh of july – here in London. It will be marked by a two-minute silence at noon – to remember the victims, and presumably – more generally – mark the tragedy of loss of life. A public ceremony is also being held in the evening at Regent’s Park.

A terribly difficult time for anyone who lost a loved one in the attack.
And in a lesser way, for Londoners who will possibly be reminded how it could have been one of them – given the vagaries of the Tube, there’s no accounting for which line you have to hop on when. Overall, it’s relevant i think to highlight what such terrorist attacks have achieved: terror, reduction of civil liberties, mutually suspicious ‘communities’, about a million steps ‘back’ basically. What does the violence achieve – nothing. What does violence ever achieve – nothing? just further violence – a vicious cycle. in this kind of nightmarish world, it’s more important than ever to hang on to the notion of a universal human right to peace, which cannot be ‘protected’ and ‘furthered’ by violent action, but promoted through democracy and dialogue.

dove and peace

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